Rover Scouts are young adults seeking challenge and adventure, whilst also serving the community and having fun. Rovers are the eldest youth section of Scouting, catering for the ages from 18 to the individual's 26th birthday.

Rovers is open to everyone, there’s no need to have any previous involvement with Scouting or any prior outdoor activities experience. We have seven Rover Crews in Tasmania, across most of the major population areas. Each Crew is a group of Rovers who choose their own activities to suit their member's interests. Find your new rover crew or contact us for more information.


Latest News

On the Australia Day long weekend, Tas Rovers held a service moot as part of the Scouts Tasmania BlazeAid Initiative.

In early January several bushfires burnt large areas of land in... Read More >

Hi All, Kingston / Blackman's Bay Venturers and ESRC, are currently working on a response to try and assist the people affected by the fires along with Blaze Aid.... Read More >

The four southern Rover Crews (Wellington, Kingborough, Eastern Shore and Mt Faulkner) have been involved with running Amazing Race Month throughout September for southern Venturers and Ranger... Read More >

Two dedicated Tasmanian Rovers have recently been farewelled from our section. Linda Seaton of Northern Area Rover Crew was booted at a Black and White themed night at Carnacoo. Linda has been in... Read More >

Winter Moot was held on the first weekend of August, at the Arm River Camp. Tamar Rover Crew did a great job of hosting the event, with an Irish theme. Activities included caving, white water... Read More >


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