Along with Tasmania each state holds different state-wide moots each year, for which Rovers from other states can attend. Some of the more popular ones are:

National moots:
National moots are held every three years over a 12-14 day period during December/ January. The moot is held in a different state each time and involves a range of different activities over the two week period. Along with Rovers from every state, the event also attracts a large contingent of international rovers particularly from the UK and New Zealand. The upcoming national moot is The Moot in Victoria more info can be found at

The Moot


Surf Moot:
Surf moot is the longest running Rover event in Victoria and is held over the Australia day long weekend. The weekend consists of heaps of different activities from action packed to just chilling out at the beach. Surfmoot 2013 will run from Friday 23 - Monday 28 January 2013 at Eumeralla Scout Camp. The theme for Surfmoot 2013 is "M*A*S*H", for further information check out the website at

Surfmoot 2013... Get Ready, it's 157 days away!



Held over the Queens birthday weekend in June, this event is still the largest annual Rover Scout event in the country. Held in the high country of Victoria 33 kms north of Yea, it has been running since 1972 in a variety of locations before settling at Mafeking. This event is sanctioned by CAMS & requires crews to prepare cars to a high standard for racing but also gives the average Rover a chance to drive their crew car in a real motor sport event. For further information check out the Mudbash website at

Sand Blast:
Sandblast is held at Walky Park, 2 hours North of Adelaide. Held over the 1st weekend in October the event focus’s on track racing, but also has heaps of different activities such as jelly wrestling, go karts and a massive stage for some night time entertainment. For further information head to the website

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