This years Easter Moot was held from the 22nd to the 24th of April on the East Coast of Tasmania. The Theme this year was 'Pirate Moot'. 

During the weekend, many different activities were on offer to participate in such as 4 wheel driving, archery, catapult making, easter egg hunt plus many other various activities. Attendance was at its highest for many years and the Tamar Rover Crew is very grateful to the commitment of rest of the Tasmanian Rovers to attend the weekend as without as high numbers as we had, the weekend would not have been as big a success as it was. Tamar Rovers would also like to extend a big thankyou to Mike Patten for allowing us to camp on his land, this had also played a large part in the success of the camp.


Tamar Rovers found running the Moot to be a very positive experience for them as a crew. The believe it brought them closer as a group and with the rest of the Tasmanian Rovers. They look forward to hosting another moot in the not too distant future.




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