Hi All, Kingston / Blackman's Bay Venturers and ESRC, are currently working on a response to try and assist the people affected by the fires along with Blaze Aid. www.blazeaid.com.

Blaze aid go in to assist any one who have livestock fences that have been destroyed in the fires. They are going to be in need of a big influx of volunteers to assist with this process over the next few weekends.

We have been having discussions with Rover Crews and we are going to try and arrange a large contingent of venturers, rovers, leaders, parents to go in and assist under guidance of qualified people to rebuild fences for the farmers with donated materials. The idea will be to get a big push on with fencing initially to help keep live stock etc off the main roads and ensure the farmers still have a livelihood.

We need to get some indicative numbers of who would be willing to come along and help? We will be camping down on the peninsula or at Sorell, and would need to be totally self sufficient. We have arranged some trucks, port a loos, other machinery etc to help us out, but will need the bodies on the ground to bring it all together.

Anyone that would be interested in helping please register your interest with me at

or phone me; 0459 111 100

Please forward this on to anyone you feel may be able to assist!

Kingston / Blackmans Bay Venturer Unit

Rovers Australia